Permanent eyeliner upper and lower

Of course, every lady is beautiful in her own fashion. But all of us know our advantages and disadvantages, according to which we make the most objective decisions.

Permanent eyeliner will make your eyes more expressive. Since ancient times women make up their eyelids with different colors relying on attention from men.  And this has always worked, because eyeliners make the look mysterious and sensual. What about the form of eyeliners, it is chosen according to the eyes shape and the latest fashion trends.

Permanent eyeliner upper and lower is very practical. It gives an opportunity to relax in sauna, pool or at the sea. You can be caught in the rain or play in the snow like a child, enjoying and not worrying about anything. With permanent eyeliner you won’t look impersonal, even if you have no makeup on your face at all.

Traced eyeliner can be used as a template when applying everyday makeup. That means that permanent eyeliners doesn’t exclude the presence of makeup. On the contrary, it will help you to create day or evening image much quicker and easier. And Tetiana Sinclair, a professional permanent makeup artist, will help you to find your own fashion and style.