Plantation Shutters Really Bring a Room into Focus

Ever heard of orange county shutters? If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen them in movies and never knew what they were called. You will know them when you see them. They usually used them in hot climates where they need to keep the sun and heat out while still allowing some room for any cool breezes to help move the hot air out of a room or house. They’re usually made of wood and they just look fantastic in any room of the house. They fit any window as well. We decided to get some during our recent remodel.

At first I wasn’t that interested in trying them. I thought they would be too expensive, but my wife persisted. She has better taste than I do, and money really wasn’t an object in this remodel, so I agreed to go down to the place she found online and ask some questions. They showed us all sorts of different plantation blinds, and they all really look nice. They can fit them to any window in your house and eve doors if need be. We worked with our interior decorator to come up with a plan to integrate them into our current plans.

My wife laughed out loud when I said out loud that the shutters really make the room pop, but it’s true. They’re the first thing you notice when you come in. For practical purposes, they work far better than curtains or blinds. Curtains get dirty over time and they’re hard to clean. They also fade from exposure to the sun. Blinds get dirty, of course, and also degrade over time. These shutters are far more durable and they’re a snap to clean. You just take a feather duster and run it right over them and you’re done in seconds. I’m so glad we got them.