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Airless Paint Sprayers: Pros and Cons If you’re looking into an airless paint sprayer, there are probably two primary features that you find attractive. First of all, they are surprisingly fast. Compared to typical brushes and rollers, you can probably get the job done in half the time. The second one is the ease of getting a smooth, professional-looking finish. At the same time, it’s hard to get one of these for less than $200 or so. As you might expect, spending more on a high-end model will generally get you a more durable unit and a more powerful motor. Having said that, even the more affordable models will get the job done just fine. A second decision is whether to rent or buy. Owning your airless sprayer will allow you to use it whenever is convenient. In contrast, consider renting if your work will be relatively short-lived and you don’t like the idea of handling cleaning and maintenance.
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These sprayers work through a fairly robust mechanism. The motor sends the paint through the hose and then out of the tip at a great force. Regardless of the kind of tip you use, they all involve fanning the spray out in a broad pattern. Practice goes a long way — before long you’ll be able to handle doors, walls, fences, and even woodworking without a sweat. You can also count a high level of efficiency due to the high rate of pressure produced by the motor. The upshot of all this is that even intimidating jobs like long fences will be within your grasp as an individual hobbyist.
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All of this considered, it’s still important to know about the potential drawbacks of these sprayers. The main one is potential wastage, since not all the paint particles are used effectively. Some of it can even end up settling on to surfaces you weren’t aiming at. Sometimes, depending on the type of project, more than 20% of the original paint can be wasted. This leads to the second major drawback: the extra time and effort needed to cover up surrounding areas. You might think that keeping your work outdoors would limit any danger, but there’s always the risk of paint residue ending up on plants or other peoples’ property. Afterward, it also takes extra time to clean the paint form the tip and the hose. If you own the unit yourself, there’s also the cost of cleaning its filters. Despite all of this, airless paint sprayers are often perfect for large, repeated jobs.